Micro Needling is a common favourite among our clients. Also known as Collagen Induction Therapy, this procedure makes use of a pen-shaped device fitted with fine needles that create micro-injuries on the dermis. This minimally-invasive treatment creates micro-channels on the topmost layer of the skin which stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. In turn leaving the skin feeling rejuvenated, smooth and blemish free.

Please contact us to discuss treatment pricing and your specific treatment requirements.

  • Micro Needling treatment is not suitable for?

    - Infected, fungal infections and irritated skin.
    - Patients with active acne, eczema, psoriasis, severe solar keratosis.
    - Patients with moles, warts and any open wounds or sores.
    - Patients with skin cancer.

    It is important to tell your Clinician if you do have any of these conditions before treatment.
  • What can I expect pre treatment?

    On arrival you will be asked to complete a consultation form, this helps us to collect necessary information about your skin, medical history and treatments you have recently had. In our private treatment room, your Clinician will go over your consultation form and make sure you are suitable for treatment. Here your Clinician will guide you through the need-to-know information regarding your treatment, create an individualised treatment plan and explain post treatment care. This is an opportunity for you to discuss any questions or concerns that you may have. During your consultation your Clinician will also recommend any products you may need to start using prior to your treatment to ensure your skin is well prepped and to reduce the possibility of adverse reactions.
  • What does the procedure feel like?

    The feeling associated with a Micro Needling treatment is similar to light sandpaper moving across the skin. The rapid speed of the needles penetrating the skin reduces discomfort while the applied hyaluronic gel also makes the treatment more tolerable.
  • What skin problems/concerns can Micro Needling treat?

    Dermapen Micro Needling treatment is recommended for individuals who wish to breathe new life into their skin. The most common skin challenges addressed by a Dermapen skin needling device are:

    - Enlarged Pores
    - Loose and sagging skin
    - Fine lines
    - Wrinkles
    - Sunspots
    - Hyperpigmentation issues - Stretch marks
    - Scars
    - Acne Scars
    - Dull skin tone
    - Skin dryness
  • What can I expect post treatment?

    Directly after your treatment, most people will experience redness and possibly some swelling, the same way you may feel with a mild sunburn. Effects may last for 24-48 hours and there may be pinpoint bleeding and/or bruising. Within several days to several weeks you will notice a smoother, brighter, and more radiant appearance. However, the full effects of the treatment do not appear until several months later. A few days following your treatment your skin may feel dry and tight—which is normal. We recommend after the procedure using hydrating products like hyaluronic acid, and to protect the skin with zinc based sunblock. The use of mineral makeup may be used after procedure too. Your Clinician will recommend suitable products to apply post treatment at the time of your consultation.