Pigmentation occurs when there is excess of melanin production in the body, which forms deposits in the skin. A variety of factors can trigger this, but sun damage is one of the biggest causes. There are many different types of pigmentation from hyperpigmentation, brown spots, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation to freckles. In most cases skin pigmentation is harmless, however many people seek treatment for cosmetic reasons. We use the Cutera Excel HR, a medical grade laser that can safely remove pigmentation—one of few in Wellington.

Please contact us to discuss your specific treatment requirements.

  • What can I expect pre treatment?

    Two weeks prior to treatment we advise patients to avoid:

    - Any sun exposure.
    - Use of solariums, spray tans and self tan lotions.
    - Waxing on the area.
    - Laser treatments on the area.

    One week prior to your treatment avoid:

    - Use of any exfoliating products containing lactic, salicylic, glycolic and vitamin A.

    On arrival you will be asked to complete a consultation form, this helps us to collect necessary information about your skin, medical history and treatments you have recently had. In our private treatment room, your Clinician will go over your consultation form and make sure you are suitable for treatment. Here your Clinician will guide you through the need-to-know information regarding your treatment, create an individualised treatment plan and explain post treatment care. This is an opportunity for you to discuss any questions or concerns that you may have. During your consultation your Clinician will also recommend any products you may need to start using prior to your treatment to ensure your skin is well prepped and to reduce the possibility of adverse reactions.
  • What can I expect post treatment?

    Directly after your treatment, most people will experience redness and possibly some swelling, the same way you may feel with a mild sunburn - this feeling is normal. The swelling can last up to 24 hours and can be treated with a cold compress. Micro crusting is the first sign of healing and this usually occurs within 24 hours following treatment. These will appear as darker skin spots and will slough off anywhere between 7-14 days to reveal a clearer complexion. The use of mineral makeup may be used after procedure. It is also extremely important that a sunscreen is worn post treatment and throughout your treatment course. Your Clinician will recommend suitable products to apply post treatment at the time of your consultation.