Laser hair removal is one of the most effective treatments available to remove unwanted hair. At Your Skin and Laser Clinic we use advanced medical grade laser technology to help our clients achieve optimal results. The Cutera Excel HR has the ability to treat all skin types safely—from the ebony to the porcelain. Laser hair removal works by targeting the pigment in the hair, and for this reason we are unable to treat red, white, grey and blonde hair.

Please contact us to discuss your specific treatment requirements.

  • Pricing

    Single Pre-pay 4 (20% off) Pre-pay 6 (25% off)
    Nose/Nostrols $12 $10 $9
    Upper Lip $46 $37 $34
    Chin $46 $37 $34
    Lip & Chin $80 $64 $60
    Side of Face $65 $52 $49
    Full Face $110 $88 $83
    Back of Neck $72 $58 $54
    Front of Neck $72 $58 $54
    Ears $40 $32 $30
    Mono-brow $12 $10 $9

    Snail Trail $55 $44 $41
    Areola (Nipples) $55 $44 $41
    Shoulders $110 $88 $83
    Chest $139 $111 $104
    Chest & Stomach $235 $188 $176
    Quarter Back $120 $96 $90
    Half Back $199 $159 $149
    Three-Quarter Back $249 $199 $187
    Full back $280 $224 $210
    Full back & shoulders $320 $256 $240
    Underarms $55 $44 $41
    Quarter Arms $75 $60 $56
    Lower Arms $135 $108 $101
    Full Arms $199 $159 $149
    Hands & Fingers $50 $40 $38
    Stomach $110 $88 $83

    Brazilian – Female $95 $76 $71
    Bikini $65 $52 $49
    Bikini Ext $80 $64 $60
    Buttocks $145 $116 $109
    Upper Legs $190 $152 $143
    Lower Legs $180 $144 $135
    Full Legs $250 $200 $188
    Knees $50 $40 $38
    Brazilian – Male $125 $100 $94
    Feet & Toes $50 $40 $38
  • What can I expect pre treatment?

    Patients should not wax, tweeze or use any other hair removal devices. This includes bleaches. These forms of hair removal should be avoided for four weeks before treatment. Avoid one week prior and 72 hour post treatment the use of any products containing lactic, salicylic, glycolic and vitamin A. On arrival you will be asked to complete a consultation form, this helps us to collect necessary information about your skin, medical history and treatments you have recently had. In our private treatment room, your Clinician will go over your consultation form and make sure you are suitable for treatment. Here your Clinician will guide you through the need-to-know information regarding your treatment, create an individualised treatment plan and explain post treatment care. This is an opportunity for you to discuss any questions or concerns that you may have. During your consultation your Clinician will also recommend any products you may need to start using prior to your treatment to ensure your skin is well prepped and to reduce the possibility of adverse reactions.
  • What does the procedure feel like?

    Laser hair removal is usually compared to the flicking of a rubber band against the skin. This is usually the case with most lasers on the market, however with Cutera Excel HR’s advanced sapphire cooling technology the treatment is much more comfortable. The handpiece has a built in sapphire cooling tip which cools the skin to four degrees. The cool tip is in contact with the skin at every pulse and offers a pleasant yet effective treatment without the risks.
  • What areas can be treated?

    Most areas of the body can be treated safely with the Cutera Excel HR laser. The only area we do not treat is within the eye orbit and under the eyebrows.
  • What can I expect post treatment?

    Immediately after your treatment you may experience redness and minor swelling, this usually subsides within a few hours. However in some cases it can last up to three days. If you feel any discomfort following your treatment, cooling the area with a cold compress can calm the skin as well as remove any warmth from the area. Your Clinician will also recommend post treatment home care which is to be used for 2-3 days following your hair removal treatment.